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Wizdough Second Entry indicator for NinjaTrader 8

Alerts on two-legged pullback status. 14 price action signals: second entries, higher low, lower high, failed 2E, etc. 5 filters and preferences: reset on double top, engulfing bars, risk limit, etc. Precise counting of second entry, Mack’s technique. Flexible setup. Start a free trial now.

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What’s new in version 1.01

  • Failed SE and Survived SE
  • Internal bars
  • Risk check filter
  • Bar quality check filter
  • Double top/ double bottom reset.
  • Symbol customization
  • Six plots for Alerts and automated strategies. (FEL, FES, SEL, SES, HL, LH)
  • Improved prediction of next symbols.

Installation Guide

Pro features

Pro version can be used to teaching beginners and notify traders about a coming opportunity. It was also designed for implementation in automated strategies or algo-trading. Pro version generates special signals that can be used in your automated strategies.

Indicator Overview


For price action traders it’s very important to know when it’s time to enter. One of the crucial conditions for the right trade setting is the second entry or the end of a two-legged pullback. The second entry is a second attempt of the price to reverse during a pullback. This indicator helps you find the second entries on your chart. This indicator reflects rules concerning second entries broadcasted by Mack.


Made with an idea in mind that beginners and professionals can use the indicator for their individual purposes. The indicator can be configured to show all relevant signals or it can be barely visible giving you just a hint about the second entry.

As you see in the picture we make a new high and then a higher high which counts as zero (0). One (1) is the first entry signal bar and two (2) is the second entry signal bar. Unlike the other indicators, we show 1s and 2s at signal bars because it’s important to know where to place stops. You can also see H and L between 0 and 2. Those are lower high and higher low accordingly. They also often being used as signal bars in the right context.

Grey symbols indicate incomplete signals. For example, grey (2) means the second entry is coming as soon as a bar will overlap the previous bar. When it will happen the two will become green or red.

Change Log

1.01.0 2020-03-04

  • Failed SE and Survived SE;
  • Internal bars;
  • Risk check filter;
  • Bar quality check filter;
  • Double top/ double bottom reset;
  • Symbol customization;
  • Six plots for Alerts and automated strategies. (FEL, FES, SEL, SES, HL, LH);
  • Improved prediction of next symbols.

1.00.5 2020-02-02

  • Pro version available. Pro features: sell/buy signals for use in strategies.
  • Properties optimized. Removed doubling configurations.
  • Added symbols for long and for short signals. Instead of just “2” you can use ↑ and ↓ or any other symbol (press WIN+. to open emojis).


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